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Beocenter 2200

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ruskib posted on Mon, Apr 16 2018 10:05 PM

I have recently acquired a Beocenter 2200. Tape deck doesn't work and turntable does not have a cartridge but the radio does. It sounds great and looks great in our new kitchen.

The problem is that after about 20-30 mins the radio just cuts out; the lights are still on but no sound. If I turn the unit off and leave it for a few hours it then works again but only for 20-30 mins. My initial thought is that something has overheated but it is not obviously hot.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and whether it can be easily fixed?

Thanks for your help

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I've seen this problem with another '2200,and it seems to occur where the unit has been used inside a cabinet etc where perhaps ventilation is not ideal.

There are many small electrolytic capacitors on the signal routing module that can deteriorate with age/heat.The solution is to replace the capacitors I'm afraid!

A time consuming job so could be costly if you can't do it yourself?



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