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Ouverture + BeoLink Converter + NL

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Intricacy posted on Sat, Apr 14 2018 5:56 PM

Hello helpful people,


I am having trouble setting up my BLC NL/ML to work as I intend it to.
What I want to work together is:

BeoSound 2 (in a seperate room from all the other equipment)
BeoLink Converter NL/ML
BeoLink Gateway
BeoSound Ouverture (connected to BLC via Masterlink)
Beogram 3000 (connected to Ouverture via PreAmp with seperate Datalink wire)
BeoLab 6000 (connected to Ouverture via Powerlink) 

I could swap the Ouverture with a BeoCenter 9000, but as I understand it has no link capability at all that could be used in this scenario.

I would like to be able to listen to vinyl and CD on my BeoSound 2, as well as stream Deezer to the room where the Ouverture is. I also want to control everything from either the "new" Bang&Olufsen app or the BeoLink 2 App. Is this bidirectional communication possible at all with what I have?

Tinkering with the Converter, I was able to get Vinyl via Aux to the Ouverture working on the BeoSound 2. However after further tinkering I lost the functionality and only CD is working now. I cannot add the BeoSound 2 to the Converter as a Multiroom Group if anything else then CD as source is selected. I also was never able to turn on the Ouverture via any commands issued through either of the B&O apps. I also switched around the Options on the Ouverture and tried out every one (1, 2, 5 and 6), to no avail. Connecting the Ouverture to the Gateway is not supported at all according to a compatibility chart I found online, hence why I got the converter in the first place. The Converter is of hardware revision F and has the newest update installed. 

I will be incredibly thankful for any advice.



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