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Beolab 4500 + Beovox 4500, connection question

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Haren NL
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Siegfried posted on Tue, Apr 10 2018 12:56 PM

Hello everyone,

On the wall:

BeoSystem 4500 + Beolab 4500

To install:

Beovox 4500, not sure if it will be in the same room or to extend the sound into the kitchen


My thought/fantasy would be to connect them to the BV4500 AFTER the amplifier. Is this possible or will this ask to much from the amps?

Or do i connect an pre-amp to the BS4500 and then connect the BV4500 to that?

Or just plain connection to the two pin socket on the BS4500?


My first B&O!!

Beocenter 9000

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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Siegfried,

Beomaster 4500 is a superb system as it has both amplified and pre-amp outputs, which can both be used at once.  Hence, you can connect a pair of powered Beolab 4500 speakers to the Powerlink sockets of the Beomaster with fully wired Powerlink mk.2 cables ( as well as connecting the Beovox 4500 speakers to the 2 pin "Speaker 1" sockets of the Beomaster with regular passive speaker wires and DIN plugs:

This won't cause any problems, or overload the amplifier of the Beomaster, in fact you can connect up to 2 pairs of passive Beovox speakers and several pairs of powered Beolab speakers at once without any issues.

Kind regards, Steve.



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