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Connecting Beolab 8000 with Sonos ZP90

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Danwino posted on Thu, Mar 22 2018 11:28 AM

Hi, and sorry for what may be a silly question. I just ordered the beolab 8000, and can't understand which cables I can use to connect. Is the line out on each speaker  a female 3.5mm jack? Or do I need to use a rca male? I found only cables with one white, and one red male. So, do I use for example the red on the left speaker, and connect on the red input on sonos? Leaving the white unused? And then connecting a new cable to the other speaker for the white input on Sonos? Can I use an coax instead? Sorry, but I'm a newbie :)https

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I just looked up the Sonos ZP90 and it appears to have a pair of "RCA" connectors for input, and another pair for output.


The Beolab 8000 can take an RCA input, when the input switch of the Beolab is in the correct position.  So you can just get a standard RCA cable, run the red connection to the right speaker and the white connection to the left speaker.  If the speakers are plugged into the wall and the input switches set for line input (RCA input) you should hear the music right away.

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