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jeshtux posted on Sun, Feb 18 2018 8:14 PM

I have a 40" V1 Play TV. It has Deezer pre-installed as a media app. Up to a few months ago it worked fine. Now its a pain. It hangs and cuts out, provided I can actually get on it at all. When it cuts out I get "Gateway Timeout". This is not an internet problem, as all other apps work fine. 

I have raised this issue with Deezer. They suggest deleting and re-installing the App. I have no idea how to do this. Is this feasible? If so how? I have searched but am unable to find any info on this. (Not recent anyway)

I have the latest B and O software update. 



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Aussie Michael
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G’day JT

What is the software version number?

There was an issue a while back on the Avant where the Deezer did the same thing - and there was a patch for it

The other way i launched it was in the App Gallery rather than the BR One
Gary Nelson
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Hi Aussie Michael,

Did you resolve this?

None of my three V1s allow me to use Deezer it stall on the log in the roundel thing doesn't rotate, if I go menu option 3 and refresh it goes round and around and around....


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