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Beolink app

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Edoardo posted on Thu, Feb 15 2018 10:42 AM

Hello everyone, I am actually using the Beolink app installed on my iPhone to control My B&O devices as: Beovision 7, Beosound 5 and Beosound 9000, plus some Beolab 2000/3500 in secundary rooms (I even have installed a MLGW).

This app has some limits (no logo display on internet radio, no sound adjust bass/treble), but it works properly.

Recently have been released by B&O two new app: first "Beolink 2" (that should be an evolution of "Beolink"), then Bang and Olufsen (White icon).

The first one (Beolink 2) works on elementary commands, such as on/off, but doesn't show the records's covers, while the app "Bang and Olufsen" doesn't work at all, as it can not find any device in my house.

Does somebody have any experience with these apps, who could help me?

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elephant replied on Thu, Feb 15 2018 10:52 AM
The Bang and Olufsen App only supports new generation network link products.

To support your product set you would need to a BeoLink Converter NL/ML and have a piece of new kit.

In you case this would be a waste of money imho.

I will check out BeoLink2 !

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Aleksei replied on Thu, Feb 15 2018 11:33 AM

I am using both Beolink and Beolink 2 (see as an example). They are of different design but generally have the similar functionality. Both have its benefits and drawbacks. It looks like B&O supports both versions, but do not have resources to brush-up any of apps. Indeed, I cannot see covers in Beolink 2 and there's an issue with start-stop of the N.Music (it explained in the link above).

I would say I cannot rely neither on Beolink nor Beolink 2. I personally think this has something with NIH syndrome. (a.k.a. Fatal Flaw :) )

Instead, I found the beauty of Beo6 remote setup flexibility, so I believe this is the way to go for me at least for existing setup in couple with BLGW (BV7 + BS5 + BL3500 + Lutron etc)

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