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beomaster 1900 restoration

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totoma posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 9:44 AM

Hi everyone!

A friend challenged me to do the restoration of his old and beautiful beomaster 1900.
Suche a great amp, and it's really funny to look after how it is made.

So I first heard that there was a problem considering the tone sliders.

Thanks Martin for the spare parts! Really easy to change with the great instructions.
Works fine exept with the treeble slider, only one way is affected by the setting.
Unmount did nothing better.

I now also heard a hum, I would say 100Hz, in the two speakers or headphones, following the general volume and stopped when volume on 0.

The hum is here from all sources, and comes in 1 second after power on.

When I touch this the R205 resistor, the hum is getting louder. Is there a correlation?

Thanks from France!


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