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Beomaster 3400 slider potentiometers

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peternovy posted on Sun, Jan 21 2018 6:48 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have one more question about the Beomaster 3400 — so it is now beautifully restored and works great. I hooked it up to a pair of P45’s for the front (which needed a lot of work as they must have been stored in a damp place) and P30’s for the rear and the result was magnificent. 

Howeever, it turned out during the repair that the horizontal potentiometer controlling the balnce between speakers 2 and 4 (rear) has a broken path. The people repairing it fixed with some conductive glue, but this fix wont’ last forever. So my question is are the 2 horizontal sliding potentiometers in the Beomaster 3400 the same as the sliding potentiometers in the Beomaster 2000? The second one is much easier to find, of course...

I would greatly appreciate any information!




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Dillen replied on Sun, Jan 21 2018 7:14 PM

The Balance potentiometers are the same - but they are not identical to the volume/bass/treble!
The balance potentiometers are working their two channels in reverse with zero resistance at the potentiometer center position.

I am sure I can find a good used correct potentiometer in the dungeons.


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Dear Martin, thanks a  lot! I just sent you an email through BeoWorld. 

I have to say I am very happy with the quadrophonic sound the Beomaster produces! It has a built-in SQ demodulator, and I listened to a couple of classical music LPs on it — I had the impression that walls and speakers dissapear and that I’m sitting in a philharmonic. Quite amazing!


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