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Beolab 5 with SPDIF line - how can I do it' s working?

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danielshen posted on Wed, Jan 17 2018 1:56 AM


The beolab 5 is connected both by Powerlink and SPDIF (digital line); Does anybody know the SPDIF line is working or not? Is the sound quality really better than just the powerlink connection?

Can we really tell the difference between the powerlink only connection and the SPDIF connection?



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Mr 10Percent
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The sound quality of the coax connection (with powerlink as volume control) is superior to Powerlink only.

The difference is very noticeable.

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BeoET replied on Wed, Jan 17 2018 3:49 PM

Totally agree with @Mr 10 Percent!

The BL5 needs the “CD source” command through PL in order to use the SPDIF, however, ref this thread:

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