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BeoSound 2300 - Removing rear cover

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Mark_S posted on Fri, Jan 5 2018 10:35 PM

Good evening.

A short while ago I became the owner of an old BeoSound 2300. Lets have a Party !!!. Great looks and even better sound in combination with the BeoLab 2500 speakers.

The doors are showing a small gap. I found a tutorial on this site ( to fix this. The only problem I am having is, that after removing the 7 screws on the back, I am not able to remove the rear cover. I am reluctant to use to much force. Does the cover slide upwards, or just straight backwards?

Perhaps somebody can give me some advise. Thanks.


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I'm in the same position. Just bought an old BeoCenter 2300 with doors slightly ajar. Followed the same link Like you I'm not sure how much to force the back cover to get it off. Does somebody know the trick ?

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Guy replied on Wed, Feb 6 2019 5:27 PM

Apparently the cover won't come off if you have not removed the aerial bracket, or the screw in the centre of the back that would otherwise hold such a bracket if it were fitted.

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