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I want BeoSound 5 NOT to react on [PC] command

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Aleksei posted on Mon, Jan 1 2018 3:09 PM

I have BS5/BM5 as an audiomaster (opt 0) but connected to BV7 (opt 2) via Masterlink. The control obviously goes through ML. From the other side, I have Dune player connected to AV4 of BV7 as a "PC". (Dune is connected via Lintronic, but it is a different story).

So, when I press [PC] on a Beo4, it turns Dune on (and everything works fine), but ML [PC] command also wakes the BS5 up and it follows the actions from remote too, that is quite annoying,

Is there any way to set the BM5 the way that it will not react the [PC] command? I am happy using A.MEM, A.AUX and RADIO only for BS5.

Thank you!

(There's an easy way to solve it: assign AV4 as V.AUX on BV7, but...  BLGW does not have V.AUX button(!!!) - so I cannot use it through BeoLink 2 App)

PS. V.AUX is solved here:

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