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Beovision 14 the end of Bang Olufsen Tv

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stuart50_1 posted on Wed, Dec 13 2017 3:16 PM

Hi all

I have been a very long and loyal Bang Olufsen customer . Last year I bought the Beovision 14 , with the Android system , I appreciate the fact that B&O are a small Tv company , I also under stand that B&O need to do something to keep in the market place. I have been informed by my retailer that when B&O run out of the panels for the Avant and 14  that will be the end of production. And the LG will be the way forward using both LG panels but also their operating system.

I like how everybody has bought a Beo 14 will be left with a very expensive experiment that did not work . We are still experiencing crashing and the fact it does not always turn on my skybox , it has to be pressed twice for it to work

It will be just like the BeoMaster 5 with no software to connect the system . The dealer has said that the 14 will still get updates to remedy its issues? Yes of course it will when it looks like there having similar problems with the Eclipse their new flagship TV. I know they both operate on different operating systems but that is besides the point all their resources will be now be redirected into solving their eclipse issues.

My tv is just twelve months old and what are the chances of it ever been fully correct as advertised ,is this not a breach of contract as the tv is not working correctly. All the dealer does is point out that it’s Androids fault surely its B&O’s issue as the tv was released far too early ? 


Any  thoughts out there. Stuart

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Personally, I’m not at all impressed with the picture quality of BeoVision 12, way to soft for my liking...

That's the first person I've known who said they aren't impressed with a BV12-65. Incredible. One would be slightly paranoid you're only interested in shifting the latest sets? Big Smile

Seriously, I have a BV11-46 and the picture is very different. It's maybe slightly better for sport. It's far sharper and brighter. The BV12-65 is much better for movies and a picture which requires a warmer and smoother panel. However, not being impressed is something I've never heard before - my Avant 55" MKI was a shocker in comparison.

Not the case at all regarding shifting the latest product, always been slightly embarrassed selling BV12 - BV11 is far better in my opinion. Everyone views images differently. The Eclipse is the best picture I have ever seen...

To each his own but, not an apples and apples comparison, the BV12-65 featured an automatic screen adjustment scheme if I recall correctly (or was that the BS4?). But the main thing is the center speaker was a huge differentiator. Simple, gorgeous, and extremely powerful for its size. A buddy has that with BL12, BL 19, and rear somethings. Incredible and made me recognize my late BV11-55 as the #2 in the lineup. His picture was so strong it compensated for a wall of windows and pool reflection, with a little help from transparent shades. 

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