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BeoVision 4-50 Stuck on Language choice menu at power on

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rtww2k posted on Mon, Mar 5 2012 4:03 PM

We just got a BeoVision 4-50.  It was recently deinstalled from a large setup, and was connected to a BeoSystem 1.   So at this point the Beovision 4-50 is not connected to anything, only power.  I powered it on  to see if it is working.  It shows the initial menu of language selection (English/etc/etc).  Pushing any of the front panel buttons on the unit changes NOTHING.  Using the remote control changes NOTHING.  

Question - is this normal behaviour, or is there a problem here?

I am familiar with (non B&O) plasma screens,but I do not know much about B&O systems. Normally you can browse through menu/etc using a remote or the front buttons even with no hookups, but this unit refuses to repsond to either.  Do I have to have this connected to a full B&O system to test the display and verify it is working OK?

Any feedback/input would be helpful, thanks!


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If you just have the screen you would need the original panasonic remote and remove the brezel from the panel so that the ir reciever can recieve the signal....

So, best would be to hook up the beosystem 1 (with vga? and rs-232? cable) with an ir eye connected to the beosystem - then the beo 4 remote will work.


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