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BeoPlay S8 connection hub learning problem

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Hans Dubourcq
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Naarden , Netherlands
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Hans Dubourcq posted on Thu, Nov 16 2017 7:11 AM

Hi there!

My last resort before sending back this second connection hub for warranty.

My B&O dealer connected the S8 hub on my Lab speakers to work  either with my Phillips TV, Setup box or Apple TV. He could not get the learning process working properly and took it back and advised me to purchase one online. The next day I tried the new one and after numerous attempts it does not work either.

The problem is that, after learning the three commands successfully (with green lights), the only command available  comes from the lower volume knob but it produces higher volume only! 

The same result when I use the TV remote or the STB- or Apple remote. The only way to get the volume down again is disconnecting the power cable and then back on again, I also tried this with TV on or off. The system is not locked by the double click and has a white light when ready. I have the feeling that a full reset is needed other then holding the control button for a longer time. With locked volume (double click), the output is maximum volume which should not be the case either.

Anyone who can do the trick? Thanks in advance! Could not find this problem on the forum.

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