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New member and beogram owner seeking advice!

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willvg posted on Wed, Nov 8 2017 10:04 PM

Hello,  as above im new to b&o  equiptment, and infact turntables in general, i have a basic knowladge of whats reasonable quality and what doesent. 

Ive listened to records since i was a wee nipper on my dads old garrard gt 25.   Its the only table i have ever listened to propperly.  

Now  i have acquired a beogram 1102,  i found it amogst a pile of old short wave radio stuff in a flat im clearing out.  Been sat for at least 20 years,    i cleaned it all up and   got it going again. However the diamond is broken in the stylus.  And from what i can understand. Replacements are not cheap and NOS  ones cant be trusted. 

Im an engineer and  dont mind  modifying my table.  After, it was free!



So my questions are these: 

1. Are there any (practical) ways to fit a non b&o stylus to my arm, if so, is my 1102 worth it? 


2.  Is it worth fixing at all, based on the price of repaired cartridges and the quality of the 1102 vs another 'easier to fix' table   of equal or better quality. 


Many thanks in advance.

Will vg


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