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I can confirm that RL140 tweeter is possible to use in Penta speakers.

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Weebyx posted on Wed, Nov 8 2017 7:29 PM

Since I had a defect tweeter in one of my Penta's, I decided to take a chance and buy a set of working, but not cosmetically fine, RL140's.

Took the RL apart, and when I looked at the tweeter, chills went down my spine.. The tweeter is bigger !?!?

Words unmentionable uttered from my mouth, held it up against the Penta, and it looked way to big.

Decided to give it a go, so took the tweeter panel from the Penta out, and removed the old tweeter, it is "much" smaller, but somehow, by luck and more luck, the bigger RL tweeter can actually be there. 

The footprint of the 2 "spikes", the round and square, fits like a glove, and there is also space for the bigger magnet. 

I cannot hear any difference on the 2 Penta's, one with original, and one with RL tweeter, but I will change both just to make sure they are a pair with same sound.

So... it is possible, there is very little extra room, but it fits :)


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