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Beocord 9000 help

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landiepete posted on Mon, Nov 6 2017 6:11 AM


I'm Peter, an long time audio enthusiast from Belgium. My 'hobby' is cassette tapes and machines, of which I have several.

Through a thread in the tapeheads forum I became interested in the Beocord 9000, and found one through a local second hand site.

Although it did work, there was a high pitched squeal coming from the motor. As I always put new rubber on a deck as a matter of course, I decided to investigate and opened up the machine.

I ordered new belts from one of your members, and with his help I succeeded in opening io the motor, cleaning it up, and putting it back together again. It works, and is more quiet, but not silent

Unfortunately it has developed a 'ghost' issue : everything works (play, FF, REW, etc) until the moment I plug in the playback head, at which time the 250  mA fuse under the motor blows.

I've gone back through my work but can't find anything amiss.

There is the strange arrangement where there is a second red wire coming from the motor feed that carries live tension and is connected with an eyelet to a rubber motor suspension bushing which I find strange, but I've found evidence of this on the internet. Apparently there's also an alternative version with an earth strap to the chassis. AND there is no insulator between the motor drive transistor and the chassis. But it DID work before.

There wil undoubtedly be other problems developing when I get deeper into restoring it, but at this point I would like to enquire if any of you have come across this issue before.

Thanks in advance for your help,








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