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Beogram 1202 5 pin plug rewiring

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postmod posted on Fri, Nov 3 2017 7:42 PM

Hi there. I'm replacing the 5 pin din plugs on a Beogram 1202 turntable. Having removed the casing the solder on the original had become very dry so I didn't have chance to see which wire should be attached to which pin. The wiring itself is also unusual to me, there are '4' wires altogether - a black one, a white one, one combined from the casing to the black and white and another one that surrounds the black and white and is presumably the earth that attaches to the metal 'casing' and and not one of the pins. Can anyone shed any light on the wires? I've got the manual drawing of the 5 pin din, with black going to pin 2 (top pin), red going to pin 5 (10 past the hour pin) and blue going to pin 3 (quarter past). I presume that the black to 2 is neutral and the combination of the two casing, but not sure about the other two.  

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