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Tiny wires BG1800

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Aad Jansse
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Aad Jansse posted on Thu, Nov 2 2017 12:11 PM

In een effort to repair one of the plastic parts of the tone arm and despite a carefull handling of the arm the almost inevitably happened: 2 of the tiny wires that are connected to the neighbouring pcb broke.

In order to get this fixed how can I test which one belongs to which solder point?  When I remove the cartridge and use my multimeter it looks like all have contact with each other ( ohm measuring). I suppose these wires are insulated. 

An option could be: try and error, but I save this for later


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Dillen replied on Thu, Nov 2 2017 12:57 PM

All cartridge connections are shorted to ground (and thereby eachother) by the muting switch, when the Beogram is not playing.
To measure which connection is which lead, you must activate play to disable the muting.


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