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BeoCom 3 - How to open up the handset?

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BL5 posted on Sat, Oct 28 2017 12:31 PM


the sheath of the cable between the handset and the base of my BeoCom 3 is splitted up near the point, where it runs into the handset, so i want to try to repair it. Therefore I want to open up the handset, but i don't know how to do it Sad. I already tried to do this with the help of some iFixit opening tools, but the two parts are holding tight together - no chance to do it this way.

Is ist possible, that B&O used glue to put the parts together? I don't want to use a hot air fan with the risk of damaging parts inside if it's not necessary Wink ...

Or does anyone know another trick to open up the handset?

Thanks in advance for answering Smile


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