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Beocenter 2300 door belt

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lausvi posted on Tue, Oct 24 2017 7:29 PM


Couple of years ago I bought a Beocenter 2300. After a year of two the doors started having troubles opening all the way, so I bought a new (cheap) belt from eBay, replaced it (along with the CD clamper's belt) and everything worked fine.

Fast forward to last week, and the doors stopped moving at all. I opened the unit and the belt was broken. It was also very much crackled all thrue. Ok, it was cheap!

I am now looking for a new belt. The cheap one I had had a round profile, while many I see on eBay mention them being square. Which one is correct? Was the round one I had incorrect from the start? Any recommended sources (Martin?)?

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Weebyx replied on Wed, Oct 25 2017 9:52 AM

The original are round belts, but if you did not clean the guide below the glass doors, then they might be to heavy to drag for the belt/motor, and the belt will wear out earlier.

There are some grease of some kind on the guides below, I haven't found any good substitute for them, I just clean it and use some silicone and rub it on the guides after cleaning them from old dust and dirt.

Martin probably has the correct belts. PM him.


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