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Beolab 5 + streaming DAC

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Strauss Sun
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Strauss Sun posted on Sat, Oct 21 2017 3:12 AM

Hi Everyone,

I connected my BL5s to a streaming DAC, since the streaming DAC only have analogue output,  I use a pair of RCA-RCA phono to connect the BL5 and DAC, and also use a sync cable to connect the 2 speakers. 

The issue I have is that every time I want to play the music from the streamer (connected to the NAS),  I have to turn on the BL5,  and once the music is over, BL5 will not automatically turn off.  This is not convenient at all. 

Anyone know how to get around it ?     I tried to insert the playmaker , connect the DAC to playmaker and then playmaker to BL5. In this way, it works. The playmaker will sense the signal and turn on/off  BL5 automatically.  But I want to connect DAC directly to BL5. 

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !



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