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Beogram 4002 arm sensor not working?

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zenilygy posted on Thu, Oct 19 2017 9:26 AM


I picked up yesterday a great Beogram 4002 turntable.

I know when i see some movies on the internet that when you press play without a record the arm scans only and than return.

But mine is not detecting that there is no record on the platter.

I make a video about it:

Did someone knows how i can fix this or where i can set the adjustment of it?

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I wouldn't call that a common problem but it is a symptom of the circuit reading the detector pulses not working or the sensor itself not working. There is a lamp and a sensor in the fixed arm. The lamp bounces light off the platter which the sensor reads. The pulses generated by the sensor from the light passing over the black ribs get read by a circuit internally to the Beogram. There are several possible problems. It could be as simple as someone worked on this Beogram and did not set the lamp correctly so the sensor can pick up the light. More serious problems could be a bad sensor or a problem with the detector circuit on the main board. Since your video shows the lamp in the detector to be working I would suspect the lamp positioning first. It is often the problem when someone has changed out the lamp.

It might be possible to adjust the lamp position as it is currently installed but you would have to open the end of the detector arm to check. I wouldn't recommend doing that yourself if you haven't worked on these before.

This is not a repair or adjustment intended for a Beogram owner. Working on fixed arm lamp/sensor and the Beogram circuit board is something that a person with electronics repair experience should tackle. I mention that without knowing what your level of electrical and mechanical capabilities are.

Where are you located? The Beoworld forum here might be able to locate someone close to you that can repair it.


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Wow! You are the best!


Thank you!!!!!

I pull out the sensor from the arm and clean the lens and the lamp with a tip and alcohol and set the lamp in the middle and more down.

Works perfect now! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thinking about very complex things, but sometimes its so simple!

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Dillen replied on Thu, Oct 19 2017 6:10 PM

It IS actually quite complex, but it's simply a matter of getting it all right.


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