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Beogram 1200

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GPAudio posted on Thu, Oct 5 2017 8:55 AM

Hi all,

First time on Beoworld forum.

I have a Beogram 1200.

Platter is not spinning when turned on.

Have been told by a technician that the motor is dead.

I am looking to replace motor.

Q1: Can I get a replacement motor.

Q2: Can I cannabalise from another Beogram model (I can get my hands on a Beogram1102 for example)

Any other advice?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, GPAudio

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Welcome to Beoworld!

These motors don't "die". If a technician tells you your Beogram cannot be repaired, calling him a technician wouldn't be fair to
all other technicians. It's probably because he doesn't have a clue what to do and he found out, that this deck is not module-based and
B&O no longer carries any spares for it.
His rope wasn't long enough. 

Your motor will need servicing. 
Take it apart, clean, lubricate and put back together.
All very common for this type of motor after 40+ years. 

It's sinter bronze bearings so will need a little special treatment. Search this forum, the Beolover blog pages and/or
google around a bit and you'll know much more.
Q1. Yes, from a similar deck, but iIt would need the same treatment. They all will by now.

Q2. Generally no, even if Beogram 1800 share the same motor - but it would be worth restoring the 1800 as well - or even more.


rene grondin
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It is true that it cant die,just clean with isopropyl alcool and scotchbright, oil it with 5w40 synthetic motor oil and voila.

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