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Beogram RX Tonearm Question

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Dead3Fan posted on Wed, Oct 4 2017 5:43 PM

Hi folks.  I'm new to the group.  Thanks for having me.  I recently bought a used Beogram RX turntable. When the tone arm is gently lifted from the base at the swivel point, I notice that there is only one small non-insulated wire coming out of the tone arm and running into the base.  Is that normal? The turntable sounds ok, but it seemed unusual to me that only one little wire carries the entire signal from the MMC5 cartridge.

Please let me know if you can help with an answer.   Thank you!

Dave Reed

Woodstock, GA USA

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Welcome to Beoworld !

I'm sure, that if you look closer you'll find that what looks like one small wire is
actually five separate very thin (lacquer-insulated) copper strands.

If it works - don't touch the wires. They are very delicate.


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