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Status of Known Issues

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Keith Saunders
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Keith Saunders Posted: Wed, Oct 4 2017 10:34 AM

This page will be updated when the status of any of the documented known issues below changes.


Over the last few months (April to September 2017) I have made a large number of changes to the Beoworld web site and forum to fix software bugs particularly in the forum and created new functionality such as the Beoworld Members Portal.

The Beoworld web Site and Forums have been moved to a new and more powerful server running Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.5. The forums databases have been rebuilt and indexed which has increased the speed by at least 50%. The servers now have a combined disk space of 20TB meaning 20,000 GB

Security remains a major focus and the Beoworld servers are protected by two enterprise firewalls along with a separate DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack protection. Our security protection is formally rated as "A" see below

Known Current Issues

  • Members using Safari (any version) typically on a Mac cannot use the "more" pull down or insert images when writing a new post unless they change the "User Agent" via the "Develop Menu" within Safari. If the member changes the "User Agent" to any other agent everything works correctly. Whilst I have not done an in depth investigation into this problem it appears to be that Safari does not correctly implement the international standards, hence why all other browsers do not have this problem.
  • When the Microsoft Bing bot search engine crawls the Forum it causes several "Unhandled Exceptions" on the forum and the forum restarts. Users do not see these errors and the only impact is that the forum restarts which typically takes 15 seconds. It happens because Bing uses illegal http commands on the forum. Typically happens 2-3 times per 24 hours. Requests to Bing to stop crawling using these commands are ignored. Therefore I may in the future block all Bing access requests.
  • Conversation messages do not put the correct entry in the subject field most of the time.
  • The Beoworld web site does not have a "site.xml" mapping used by Google which allows it's bot to index pages more effectively.
  • The background search task intermittently fails trying to write a NULL character into the database. There should not be any NULL characters in a search. Does not affect users, its just logged as an error.
  • Spammers are trying to access port 3389 (RDP) with thousands of requests per minute. IP addresses being added to firewall as they happen.

If you notice something which is not working correctly, then please do let me know..

Regards Keith....

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