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ST/L tonearm lifter

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Yippie posted on Tue, Oct 3 2017 10:11 PM

Hi all,


I'm new to the forum. I recently found an old Lenco turntable, in a batch of other audio equipment. It appeared to be an L70 (at least it says so on the sticker beneath the platter), but after some research I believe it must be an L77, although it is missing the P77 tonearm. Instead there is a B&O tonearm mounted on it, I think it's an ST/L.


There is a functioning cartridge on it (no markings on it, should be an SP2 I guess?) and it came with a box with another cartridge (SP10) and yet another unmarked cartridge.


The turntable needs some work (new idler tire) but the tonearm and cartridge produce sound. Now here's my question (finally):


The arm lifter has lost it's damping, so the tonearm drops like a rock. I took the lifter (PL?) off of the arm pillar, and I'm trying to disassemble it to replenish the silicon oil. However there is no way I can take it apart. The curved lifter bar seems to be press fitted to the piston. The housing can be unscrewed, but can't be lifted off because of said lifter bar.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?


Thanks in advance for any replies!





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