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Windows 7 reports Unknown Device when I connect a Beo6

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Kent Posted: Sun, Sep 10 2017 8:44 PM


The screen died so I sent the remote and the docking station to be repaired.  4 months and $300+ later, I got the remote back with a good working screen, but no docking station so no way to charge it.

By the time the docking station arrived, the screen was blank.  I assumed the battery was dead.  I left the remote on the charger for 24 hours, but still nothing on the screen.  I removed the battery and checked its charge, it has over 4 volts of charge.

When I plug the docking station and remote into my Windows 10 64 bit laptop that has the Configuration Tool version 6.84 installed, it says it could not load the drivers.

I plugged the docking station and remote into a Windows 7 32 bit machine with the Config Tool installed, the remote shows up as an Unknown Device

I read another post in this forum ( ) that suggested that the dead screen issue could be related to version of the firmware.  I was able to get a pic of the FW version when I got my remote back and the screen was still working, it is version 3.00a.  I was hoping I could follow the instructions in that post to update the firmware, but the config tool does not see the remote.

The remote does show up as an 'Unknown Device' in Device Manager.  Does anyone have any advice on how to update the driver in Windows?  If someone could tell me what driver file their remote uses I might be able to manually update the driver in device manager.

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