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Beogram 9000 (Tangential Tracking) Inner Groove Distortion?

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WhatsGoingOn posted on Fri, Sep 1 2017 1:53 AM

Hi all,

I seem to be having an IGD issue with my Beogram. The sound is rich and balanced until it gets to about halfway through a record, at which point sibilance and distortion ramps up severely, including on brand new records. It is worse with vintage records. The Beogram's recently been serviced by Quality Dream Audio. Around two years ago I bought a Soundsmith MMC4 cartridge - I've heard these aren't very good trackers? This may be the case, but I can't imagine the IGD to be as obvious as it is, especially if it's a tangential tracking system. I've taken it to various B&O specialists and they all say nothing's wrong with it, and have swapped out separate components (pre amp, amp, cables, electrical supply). Any help on possible causes would be great. The weight is set up to the correct tracking, and increasing it doesn't make a difference.

Here's my setup:

Beogram 9000

Sounds Heavenly B&O Preamp

Schiit Magni 2

Hope I can get to the bottom of this with your help. Thanks!

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Observe the stylus and cantilever when you notice the problem and see how the Beogram tracking is working. Is the Beogram tracking keeping up where you don't really see any bend in the cantilever? If the tracking system in the Beogram is working as designed then I would suspect the cartridge even if it is relatively new. One important thing is to double-check your tonearm tracking force. Don't go by the setting...actually measure the tracking force and set it to the proper tracking force value. It should probably be at least 1.2g on that cartridge. Maybe a little more. Too little tracking force will result in poor cartridge performance. 


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What John just said.

And all records will produce increased distortion and sibilence and less details and dynamics as you play towards the center because of the
lower groove speed.

Not all record producers compensate for this.


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I've concluded it must be the cartridge at this point. If 2 B&O specialists can't find anything wrong with how it sounds, and the cartridge has yet to be tested by Soundsmith it's definitely my plan of action now.

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