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Beomaster 6500 & Penta speakers not connecting

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BeoByron posted on Sat, Aug 12 2017 11:39 PM


Hopefully someone can help. recently there was a power outage my Beomaster 6500 stopped working entirely. I took the amp to B&O Brisbane and he fixed it, however when I have tried re-installing Penta Speakers and the CD player or program the radio I am not getting any sound. I have unplugged rebooted everything cleaned all cables etc. The Penta speakers fire up when the amp goes on via remote, but do not make there usual deep click to advise they're on. What to do?


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Is the notorious signal link missing from the connection panel of the Beomaster?This is designated "line in/out".The connector is a dummy Din connector that links the pre and power amplifiers together.


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