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Considering a Moment...

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Stan posted on Mon, Aug 7 2017 10:04 PM

Like my post from a few days ago about replacing my BV8 with a Horizon, my BS5 also got zapped by lightening.  I suppose the Moment is the BS5 replacement.  I also see a couple very long threads on Moment problems.  I didn't read them all, but it seems like many of the problems are tied to WISA.  

If one wasn't interested in WISA, but did want multi-room and possibly integration with ML via BLC is this a known working configuration, or still buggy.  Any thoughts on Deezer vs. Spotify (not that I can use Spotify on my BS5 anymore)? 



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If you are using the Moment, then the streaming service it is integrated with doesn't matter very much, as the Moment will mix up all your local and streaming content.

Some have preferences of one over the other based on the play lists that Deezer and Spotify create , through that's not a factor for me.

As for their respective UI's on mobile devices, that's just a personal preference I guess.

I still have a soft spot for Tidal on my iPad, but have Deezer integrated into my Moment.

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