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IR enhancer for Beosystem 6500?

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erlendh posted on Tue, Aug 1 2017 10:18 AM

I have a Beosystem 6500 that's in a cabinet with a door. The Master Control Panel can't communicate with the system when the door is closed, and it's annoying to have to have it open all the time when using the system.

Is there a way to attach an external IR sensor / enhancer / dongle / whatever to the Beosystem? If so, what kind of IR thingy and where/how does it connect to the Beomaster?


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B&O used to supply an IR eye for that very purpose. I can't remember what it was called but I definitely had one before I threw all my spares in the skip.

I seem to remember buying it with a Beosystem 5500 from a gentleman in Nottingham. I don't remember how it connected but it had a 7 pin DIN plug. Maybe via AUX?.

The system was housed in an antique, glass fronted cabinet.

Try send a message to Martin Olsen (Dillen on the forum) as he is just the type of person who may have that particular item in his basement store!

Regards Graham

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Thanks, will do!

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There was indeed a plug in adaptor kit for this purpose,but it was for use with the Beomaster 5500.Although the '6500 is virtually the same chassis,it doesn't have the dedicated socket.

However,there was a kit available,but it was designed to be hard wired into the Beomaster 6500 or 7000.

The easiest solution is probably to pick up an MCL Extra speaker kit,and connect this to the Beomaster .

The kit comes with a sensor that could be sited outside the cabinet,and the relay box part of the kit could be hidden behind the cabinet,with your 'speakers connected to it.

More info on these kits in Beotech section of this site,but you may need to upgrade membership(well worth it!)


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