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Normal (not net) Radio?

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Calvin posted on Mon, Jul 3 2017 2:17 PM

We're planning a move and I'd thought about selling my Century and buying something new. Partly just for a change and partly because I'm scared of breaking the glass moving it! Anyway, I was looking over the last few years of products and it looks like anything similar is designed to work off a net subscription service or be a bluetooth speaker linked to your iphone, or am I missing the wood for the trees here?

It's for the kitchen/diner and I really don't need much more than Radio4 in the morning and the ability to put on a few other things from time to time when I'm cooking.  I'd thought about may be a BeoSound 3 which you can pick up on eBay but am I right in my analysis of the current audio range?

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That, or the Beosound 1 (not the current one), which was the smaller, glassless successor to your Century.

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If space permits you could wall mount a Beocenter 6-26 TV (hd ready, check serial number) and attach a Amazon Fire TV stick (with converter) to it. So you'd have FM radio plus lots of internet media...


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Just pull the glass off the system and move it like that it won't break then.

If you have a working Century keep it !
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Just to add, that it does seem that all of the modern range is aimed at streaming and internet radio. However plenty of the older stuff can be adapted cheaply to keep up - for example your century could just have an airplay device connected to the aux input and then you are upto date! I have vintage equipment that is connected so that I can airplay to it.

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