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Spotify and Beosound 5

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Gary posted on Thu, Jun 22 2017 6:24 PM

Just received this from Spotify this morning:


Important information about your B&O speaker


We want to give you a heads up that Spotify support will soon be removed from your Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 speaker. 

We want to make playing Spotify on your speaker and other devices better and easier which means regrettably that we sometimes have to discontinue device-specific integrations.

For alternative ways to keep enjoying Spotify on your product, please contact your Bang & Olufsen store.
Thanks and keep rocking, 



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BeoBud replied on Thu, Jun 22 2017 8:37 PM

Hmmm...first post and not a happy one, I am afraid.

I just tried the BS5 and sure enough, I get a message that I need to have Spotify Premium and log in to it. Well I have Spotify Premium and I was logged in. Indeed, the only reason I got Spotify was because of the BS5.

It seems to me that an immediate software fix is needed to offer an alternative, if B&O is not willing to work with Spotify on this. I will quit Spotify for another service (Deezer?) if a solution is provided.




Stefan E
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I agree that some sort of fix would be needed best if it could be from Spotify´s side since it´s on their end they are shutting down the service the Beosound relies on. 

I can´t figure out have I now should create a setup there I can wake up with a specifik playlist at Spotify in the morning on my beosystem in a easy way. 

I can´t understand that Spotify close down services suppliers have relied only 4 years after they were released....

If Spotify will care for their users I hope B&O can do a updated firmware that supports Deezer instead, but I´m not to optimistic that B&O will do that... otherwise could they perhaps release the code and make it open so a commodity could create a useful function of the Beosound 5 so it could continue to live...

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