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Need Remote for Beovision 4-65 MM3 65"

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amare posted on Sat, Jun 17 2017 11:20 PM

A friend got a used Beovision 4-65 MMIII 65" wall mounted TV. It came without a remote. We tried to use remotes for Beovision 7-40 tv, but it doesn't turn on. Either the remote is not compatible or the sensor on the TV is blocked or something is wrong.

- Can anyone suggest how I can get/order the original or compatible remote for Beovision 4-65 TV?

- or suggest an idea how to make it work with the Beovision 7-40 remote?

- or any useful suggestion are most welcome


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Guy replied on Sun, Jun 18 2017 11:21 AM

It may be that your friend's TV is set to Video Option '0', which means that it will not respond to IR commands from the remote.

Try this:

- Press the power (red dot) and LIST buttons at the same time, whereupon ADD will appear on the Beo4 display.

- Press LIST until OPTION appears on the display.

- Press GO (centre button), whereupon V.OPT should show on the display.

- Point remote at TV and press '1'.  The red power light on the TV should flash.

Now try the remote again.  Hopefully it will now work! 




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