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Beoplay s3 technical question

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bh0wee posted on Wed, Jun 14 2017 7:30 PM


I bought an s3 with intention to use it with usb connection. But after fiddling around I prefer the audio in.

Will the speaker benefit with a good quality DAC.? And Will it benefit with a DAC with better sampling? If I play a 192khz / 24 bit stream over the audio in port will it downsample the steam to speaker's native sampling or play at the passed rate. I think the speaker's own usb port supports 48khz/16 bit.

Any DAC suggestions that would pair well with the s3?



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Now that we know about the Nyquist Theorem tellthebell, we can understand why 44.1kHz and 48kHz are common sampling frequencies, as they are just over twice the maximum frequency we can hear. The adoption of studio quality 96kHz and 192kHz standards has nothing to do with capturing higher frequency bluestacks data, that would be pointless.

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The S3 will - like any speaker - benefit from good, wellrecorded and wellmastered (means not too dynamicly compressed) source material.

44.1/16 quakity will be just fine.

Forget about adding an external DAC - you will feed it through the analog line-in.....and the ADC inside does what it takes to make it sound well.

Buy a second instead and set them up as a stereo pair.


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