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Beovision 7-40 digital sound input

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barrie posted on Tue, Jun 13 2017 6:23 PM


I am trying to connect a digital sound player to my Beovision 7-40. Av4 (red and white analog sound) is being used by the set top box, so I only have A1-A4 digital audio inputs available.

On the Connections menu, on AV1 I have selected Source: PC, Audio Socket: A1, IR Socket: none and HDTV none. 

I would have expected to then use the remote to switch the TV to PC and hear the digital sound coming in on A1 but alas nothing. The TV does switch to PC mode but there is no sound. 

Am I going about this correctly? Can anyone think of another way of achieving this? 

Many thanks

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Maybe the digital sound format is not compatible?

Maybe try another socket and/or command V.MEM etc.?


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Use a UTP socket cable 9apps. It will work for now. 

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