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Standby after 30 minutes

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kimchr posted on Sun, Mar 4 2012 8:23 AM

I have an old Overture connected to a BV7-40 via Masterlink. All my listening is done via my mac connected via spdif to BL5, so I actually don't use the Overture for anything but to select the CD source. That way the mac will play through the BL5s using digital in.

But one really annoying thing is that the Overture goes into standby after 30 minutes. So when I'm enjoying my music the most everything turns off.

My Overture CD drive isn't working so I can't have a CD spinning there and it apparently is set to go into standby after 30 minutes. If I press CD and for example arrow up once in and while the counter is reset. But of course I always forget that when deeply involved in an listening session.

Is this a setting or something I can work around? It seems a bit silly to have to by a new B&O audio master or repair anCD drive that is never used.

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