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Sound card with 1/4 inch stereo jack ?

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Calvin posted on Thu, Apr 6 2017 4:03 PM

(Not really B&O but audio still)

I was wondering if anyone knew of a sound card for a Mac Pro that you can plug a quarter inch stereo jack into? I was wanting to record in off my guitar etc and yes, I could get an adaptor to drop it down to a 3.5mm jack but I wasn't sure if there was a sound card that means I could plug a few different things in?

I really don't like plugging a delicate 3.5mm jack in, especially when the cable could pull it too much or hang in the air, pulling downwards -  a quarter inch jack interface is just tougher/sturdier. I do know I could also get a USB interface and I've used one of those in the past but I just think it would be more convenient to have my Mac sat in the corner and be able to plug straight into it.

Does this exist?

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You would most probably be looking at getting a "USB audio interface". There's some 'prosumer' grade stuff out there that has proper 6.3mm jacks or even XLR. Check out Apogee Duet for a 2x2 interface.. very nice. Of course if ultimate audio quality is not what you're interested in look at M-Audio, Steinberg, Roland, and so on.

Myself I have an 8x8 RME UC something firewire interface that costs more than my imac itself! In the past I've had good luck with an Apogee Rosetta.

And yes, you're right that there's a reason professionals use 6.3mm, DB25, EDAC and XLR jacks - reliability.

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