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BeoVision 4 + Beosystem 3 not working

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raveny posted on Sun, Apr 2 2017 8:08 AM

Hello everybody,

I just came back from a 2 weeks trip and wanted to turn on my TV but it's not working.

Is there any indicator light of the BeoSystem 3?

There's only a red light on the right upper corner of the BeoVision 4 but it doesn't react to any remote commands. I already tried it with different remotes. Usually when the red light blinked when it received IR signals...
Is there anything I can do now? I've already powered the combo off for a minute.

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I just got a Beosystem 3 today and have been messing about with it. There is an indicator light by the power socket. Mine goes green or orange. As it's not set up yet I don't know what the colours mean but it is there.


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When in standby mode,there is no light indicator on Bsys3.

Press TV or DTV button on remote,the light on Bsys3 shows blinking green for couple of seconds,then turns orange for a couple of seconds,until it is ready and turns to fix red.On my Bsys3 it takes abt 30 seconds until it turns TV on.If the light is blinking orange,there is something wrong with the setup.


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Thanks guys! Seems like the masterlink option settings have been reset which was the reason IR signals couldn't be processed correctly

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