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How to create a Beosound 2 (mp3 player) playlist file on MacOS X

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larsdela posted on Sun, Mar 26 2017 9:50 PM

I have just been to a flea market where I bought a Beosound 2 player; I couldn't´t resist it... I bought another one a couple of years ago, and when I tried to get that working, I ran into the same problem:

When copying files manually to the SD card, the player won't play back the files. I somehow managed to install an ancient BeoPlayer on a XP PC back then, and it seems that it, apart from transferring the files to the card, also generated a (hidden) playlist file. It seems that only the tracks listed in this file is playable. The format of the file is semi-readable; I can see roughly see the formatting, but it is not a straightforward text file.

Has anybody succeeded in making a Beosound 2 play back mp3 files copied to the SD card?

I know that it is an old and impractical device, but it certainly has its own charm...

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elephant replied on Mon, Mar 27 2017 11:52 AM
I can't help you right now with details.

However under my handle on the archived forums you will find details on the required directory structures and the restrictions on character strings.

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