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Beovision 6/7 stands

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L Spad
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L Spad posted on Sun, Mar 26 2017 1:27 PM

dear all, I have a couple of questions regarding the beoviaion 6/7 motorised stands. I have two of these and on one, the adjustable tilt mechanism has become loose, so the TV always slants downwards. What is the procedure for 'tightening up' the tilt mechanism? It's a small annoyance and currently the TV is wedged at a comfortable angle using a wine cork!

secondly, are the little metal inserts that cover up the screws for the speaker/shelf mount available as spares from B&O and if so what is the part number? One of the stands has a shelf for a DVD/VHS player but it is no longer needed - I've removed it but I don't have the cover/insert/thingumy that hides the mounting as it was bought second hand with the shelf attached.

Any advice greatly appreciated 

all the best


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