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Encore not picking up HD..please help

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Damian2874 posted on Thu, Mar 23 2017 11:43 PM

Hi all (first post so sorry in advance)

I have just got an Encore and don't seem to be able to get it to connect with my WD hard drive, I have over 100,000 tracks on it and don't know if that makes a difference?? I have tried connecting it to both USB ports and left it in there for several hours with no joy. The remains grey. I connected a small usb stick with 2 songs on and that worked fine.

I have now got a WD Cloud and connected that directly to my router (a sky one), my iPad and iPhone are picking it up but still no joy with the!!! 

Has anyone got any ideas, I'm not very technical (was hoping I wouldn't need to be, all advertised as just plug in and play) so please explain in layman terms if possible, many thanks in advance



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