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Recomendations or ideas on selling vintage equipment

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Jim posted on Mon, Mar 6 2017 3:46 PM

With retirement on the horizon and my children's students loans hanging over my head, I have decided it  time to sell my B&O equipment.  I have several turntables, receivers, speakers and an MC30 cabinet.  I am reluctant to post these on eBay as it seems any dispute is always resolved in the buyers favor. And shipping these items is not just throwing them in a box and hoping for the  best.  I would prefer the purchase be able to see and hear the items, I live in the central part of the US where it seems to be a very limited market.  I would be more than happy to upgrade my subscription so I could post these on the sales forum if that is the best way to go.  I appreciate anyone's thoughts on the best way to proceed. 



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DMacri replied on Sat, Apr 15 2017 6:20 AM
Good luck on your retirement. You can post them to Craig's list so local folks can see them first.


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Hi Jim,

Please let us know where you posted your B&O's.  I'm curious to see what you have for sale.




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Peter replied on Sun, Apr 16 2017 8:18 PM

The problem with posting here is that you will get a very limited audience. eBay has its problems but you will get the best price.


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