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The Late Great Hitchens, a B&O fan!

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seethroughyou Posted: Fri, Mar 3 2017 3:30 PM

To the right you can see a Beosound. If you can spot any speakers I'd be keen to see what he used. I can't spot them myself. Usually this unit went with Beolab 6000/8000s. The glass doors and the soft off white illumination reminiscent of valve amps of yesteryear but with a modern interpretation. So ahead of is time and the last one came with hard drive so B&O were proponents of physical-less music when CDs had only been out for a few years. I have few CDs now but a part of me wants to experience this as I never had one. The draw of older products; David Lewis's work was in many ways timeless.
Chris Townsend
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What a great loss that man is. The destroyer of religious half wits globally, and master of the informed put down.

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To me, the founders along with Jacob Jensen and David Lewis are what made B&O what they were/...'are?' . o O ( the latter he say's hesitantly! )
That's certainly not to take anything away from the incredible engineers and teams that made their intricate designs possible; the BeoCom 2 and BeoSound 9000 come to mind, but B&O has always been about design first in my opinion so without such designers, who are they and what have they become?


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