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Buying a MX4002 but should I worry about SW version

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vipermk2 posted on Sat, Jan 28 2017 7:10 PM

Hi all

I am hooked on getting hold of a MX4000/MX4002. I am planning on getting one to play my retro consoles. The resources on this website great. However, one question I keep seeing a lot is getting the TV in service mode. Is it really important? I am curious to know how people got on without having a higher SW version.
I seen a TV where on the back of the sticker it says: SW 3.1. Does that mean I can access service mode with the control? Rather then opening up the TV and causing more trouble? :)
I have also seen this video where they have gotten into service mode through the remote using an alternative method. But for this case, does having a higher SW matter?

And also, does it matter if the back of the TV just says 50hz? As to having a TV that says a range of 50-60hz? Will that cause issues playing NTSC consoles?

Thanks all and looking forward to staying on the boards for a long time.

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