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Beolab 90 end of life - repairs and spares

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seethroughyou posted on Sun, Jan 15 2017 2:50 AM
I am close to pulling the trigger on a used ex-demo pair but there is a niggling worry. This is a big trigger to pull and I never envisaged spending this sort of money but these are without any shadow the best loudspeaker I have ever heard having spent the last two years auditioning the likes of Magico Q, Sonus Faber, Living Voice, Cessaro, Giya to mention a few. In 15 years from now when these speakers come to EOL, where will I be left if a driver/s or the DSP or one of the 36 DACs fail. Foam rot on a Beolab 8000 is now looking like a minor and easily solvable problem in comparison. B&O only stock spare parts for so long. The thought of an unserviceable 137kg speaker sends shivers down my spine! Confused

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davidr replied on Mon, Jan 16 2017 9:28 PM

I don't honestly think B&O will stock spares once they end of line it. It's super expensive stocking spare parts and unlike Mercedes who make a mint servicing and selling spares this is not B&O's business focus or forte.

For whatever it is worth, recently I had my Beolab 2 serviced and its main board replaced. These have not been sold for years and still parts are available; like a Mercedes not cheap at all.Indifferent

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