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Beo6 screen half dead

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Griebel Posted: Thu, Jan 12 2017 1:58 PM


I'm using  a Beo6 remote which has started suddenly to act weirdly when touching the screen. The upper half commands on the screen became unresponsive.

- Turned OFF/ON,  didn't help

- Serialized again via the ConfigTool, same issue

- Restored to initial config, nothing

I then did a touch screen test via the service menu, and compared the outcome with a fully working Beo6. The picture is attached. The red dots indicate the area the screen responded upon touching. As you can see, there a no dots on parts of the upper half screen of the weirdly-responding remote (right), while the red dots of the working remote (left) are distributed equally throughout the screen.

Is this reversible by some means or is the screen just (almost) dead... and I will have no alternative than to replace the screen part (which will cost 350€ just to get the replacement item!)??


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gerard replied on Mon, Mar 6 2017 3:28 PM
May be you have a problem like this one:


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Griebel replied on Mon, Mar 6 2017 6:26 PM

Thank you for the suggestion. B&O support said that the screen is dead and I bought a replacement part. Nevertheless, I have another Beo6 remote whose keyboard light no longer works. It's possible that the solution described in the post may solve my backlight issue. Will try...

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