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BM 6500 to MCL 2AV from 1989

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sonu1975 posted on Mon, Jan 2 2017 7:54 PM

Hi guys

Ihave posted my "small" problem before but unfortunately the problem is still there. I hope there are some B&O gurus here who can help me.

I have a Beomaster 6500 amp, MCL 2AV with transceiver, 2 Penta speakers (passive) and 2 Redline speakers (passive). All this equipment is from 1989.

I have connected from my PC to BM 6500 via a DIN cable and on BM 6500 Speaker 1 I have connected Penta speakers (passive) in main room and from BM 6500 on Speaker 2 i have a MCL cable to the MCL 2AV and from there it's connected to a IR transceiver and Redline speakers (passive) in other room.

Exactly as this illustration "" except that in the illustration they have active speakers connected and mine are not.

Problem I am getting (or I don't know how to make it start) is that I get sound in my Penta speakers (main room) which are direcly connected to BM 6500 but nothing on my Redline speakers (other room).

I have tried to press the Mute button on the transceiver over and over to see if the Redline speakers sound something but nothing at all. I want to be able to switch the sound from one room to another (like if I mute the speakers in the main room and I can hear it in other room and vice versa or alla at same time.

I am using the Master Control Panel (MCP) which came with BM 6500 and it obviouly works towards the BM 6500 amp but when I try it in the other room (Redline speakers) via the IR transceiver the light flashes but it doesn't switch the sound. Not even all the speakers Penta & Redline have the sound together. I just hear it from Penta speakers.

I get different opinion by some saying that I need Beolink 1000 (don't have it) and some say that no need for that and I should be able to use my MCP.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong coz I don't have a clue anymore ?

Thanks !

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Peter replied on Mon, Jan 2 2017 9:21 PM

How have you connected the Redlines to the MCL2AV? Mine only has powerlink sockets. Is yours the US model?

The box needs to be set to Option 2 but that is the default setting so it should be ok.

Where do you live? If in the UK, I could certainly lend you a Beolink 1000 and the hand book. Check the connections in the MCL unit in case one is loose.


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It is pretty much all in this thread


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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This is how my MCL2AV looks a like:
As you cna see it has powerlink as well as connection for passive speakers.

How can I set the MCL box to Option 2 (in case it's not) ?

I live in Sweden so it would be a bit hard to lend me the Beolink but thanks anyhow mate.

Should I check the connections for the MCL & the IR transceiver cable in the MCL box ?

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The early versions of MCL2AV could be configured for passive or active speakers.For best results you need to add an MCL2p amplifier,or it's current equivalent MCL/ML converter.

This will give you local source selection,eg you could connect a 'phone or tablet here.Also there would be a degree of independence when setting volume between either room.

However,if you want to simply connect the Redlines straight to the box,you will need to reconfigure the kit as an MCL2A,ie passive.

Assuming that you have the power supply connected to the MCL2AV kit,and that you have a functional Beolink 1000 handset:Press and hold the TIMER button on the MCL transceiver(wall unit)then press the RESET button on the BL1000-job done.

I have a spare set of installation notes for this kit if you need it?



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sonu1975 replied on Tue, Jan 10 2017 11:39 AM

Solderon29: I have left my Link system to B&O service to see if it's really working correctly since I have not used it in 15 years :)

I would really appreciate if you could lend me the installation notes and thanks for info on how to reset. I hava a to get a BL 1000 since my old one is caput.



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Answered (Not Verified) BeoByron replied on Sat, Aug 12 2017 11:36 PM
Suggested by BeoByron


I do not have an answer for you but hopefully someone can help. recently there was a power outage my Beomaster 6500 stopped working entirely. I took the amp to B&O Brisbane and he fixed it, however when I have tried re-installing Penta Speakers and the CD player or program the radio I am not getting any sound. I have unplugged rebooted everything cleaned all cables etc. The Penta speakers fire up when the amp goes on via remote, but do not make there usual deep click to advise they're on. What to do?



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