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Beoplay H8 and Huawei TIT-L01 incompatibility

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leosgonewild posted on Wed, Dec 21 2016 3:37 PM

A friend of mine was interested in buying my H8´s as I want to upgrade to H9´s. The sale did not go as expected...


It is impossible to pair the H8´s with the Huawei TIT-L01. The phone says it can´t pair because of incorrect PIN or passkey.

I called BeoPlay support, and they said it was incompatible bluetooth driver. The Huawei is Bluetooth v4.1.


It belongs to the story that this has been a somewhat troublesome phone in the past, but it connects to other bluetooth equipment.


BeoPlay support would open a case and get back to me by email. They could do nothing but apologise at this moment.


Good customer service and very polite gentleman i was speaking with.


Has anyone had problems connecting H8´s to their phone?

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